Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sick in the City

I still haven't been able to shake my cold that cut short my Sylvan Lake hockey tournament. Because of that I haven't really been doing all that much stuff that warrant a blog post.

That being said, I am a 9-5 working man and I do live for the weekend. The following is a bit of a chronicle of my past weekend.

Friday 4:30pm. I immediately bolt out of work for Sherlock Holmes Pub nearby for a drink or 6 with my co-workers. I indulge in a few pints and keep my eyes on the screens near the bar as the Oilers and Redwings are playing in Detroit. Our work crew breaks up and I head home to catch the end of the hockey game. The Redwings tie up the game with about a minute left in the game and then Datsyuk pulls a wicked play in overtime for the winner. I jump out of my seat at home and celebrate with a massive coughing fit. It's an early night for me and I turn in after smack talking the Oilers on a few text messages and twitter outbursts.

Saturday, still sick, but I'm determined to mine this weekend for good times. Christina, who is also feeling ill, agrees to join me in the pursuit of fun. We head out to Whyte Avenue after a lunch of grilled cheese sandwiches at my place. First stop is Chapters where I purchase a Daredevil graphic novel and chat about nerd stuff with the cashier. We hit up a couple shops on the way to the farmers market so Christina can look at overpriced shoes.

Other than my purchase of a comic book, we show great restraint. Next stop is the Super Flea Market in the NorthEast of Edmonton.

Neither Christina or myself had ever gone to this particular shop before. It was like the worlds most overpriced garage sale. My personal highlight was seeing the frozen meats with brands I have never seen before being sold in the permanent truck trailers located aside from the main warehouse.  That being said Christina did buy a couple of avocados from a very animated asian man, and she says they are delicious.

Feeling a bit wiped we stop in at Finnagans pool hall for a drink and some video NTN trivia gaming. LvrBoy of course destroys KtyMix in the trivia showdown.

That night we decided to attend the local roller derby. I have wanted to attend for some time but have found that I always have plans the same night they are scheduled.  Little did we know that the event that night was not a usual roller derby. I was so excited with the warmups and the atmosphere in the hangar where they play.

But once the 'game' started I was severely disappointed. Apparently we didn't read the fine print and it was a special night where a local theatre company was doing a fundraiser with the roller derby girls. You couldn't believe my disappointment with how fucking brutal it was. We left at half. I'm pretty sure I will never attend a paid sporting event again where women are involved.  I hated it that much. So thanks roller derby theatre production, you have now killed my love of sports associated to the female gender.

Sunday I got up feeling completely useless, both due to sickness and the impending doom of work on Monday. With no NFL to watch I watched the NHL on NBC. It was a good game but its no full day Sunday Football. With no clue what to do I got the car washed and then picked up Chrissy for a tour of the Hospital raffle show homes. They were completely ridiculous and extravagant. I'm pretty sure that if I somehow won one of the homes I wouldn't even be able to afford the taxes. I snapped a quick pic of Christina in one of the child themed rooms. It was Barbirific.

That marked the last event of my weekend adventure.  I spent the night like I do every Sunday - dreading Monday morning.

I'm starting to finally get over this cold so I'm hoping for some fun this weekend - my last weekend of my year as a 31 year old.
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