Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Favorite Spot in Edmonton
I have lived in Edmonton now for the last 4 years and another 2 years before for a grand total of 6 years.  If you happen to follow this blog you know that I like to try out new places and do different things in the city.

After living here for some time I can say that there are a lot of cool places in the city, West Edmonton Mall,  The Strathcona Hotel, Whyte Avenue, the river valley, and the list goes on. However, there is only one place in the city that I absolutely like, neigh love, above all others.

It is under the kitchen vent in the alley behind Rigoletto's.
I am completely serious.
The weather in Edmonton is fucking horrible. It can snow at anytime between October 1st to May 1st.  Anyone that tries to tell you that the weather here is similar to Chicago or Toronto are either telling you a lie or are delusional. That being said, I'm not scared of the cold, I accept it and find comfort in the small pleasures that take away from the cold. If that small pleasure that gives warmth also smells like fresh bread - well you hold on to that like an effervescent aromatic lover. When I'm walking from work back to my condo in the middle of the winter I am counting the steps until I am under that vent. It is my oasis.
I am not alone in my worshipping of the vent. The sweet spot has recently been discovered by Edmonton's less fortunate. When you live in downtown Edmonton you get used to some aggressive pan handling.  Our panhandlers tend to be a lot more aggressive that in most other places I have lived or visited. Frankly, they make walking in the downtown an unenjoyable experience. When they found the vent in January of this year I am slightly ashamed to say that I was pissed off. However something happens when I pass the gentlemen under the vent - their is no guilt trip for money, no swearing in my direction, instead just a upward look and greeting of hello as I pass by. Apparently, the vent is their oasis too.
Even now when it is not -30 outside I still go out of my way to pass under the vent and breath in the sweet smells and feel the warmth on my face. If you are ever walking by in the area (Rigolettos is at 10305 100 Avenue) I suggest you stand under the vent and you will understand why it is my favorite place in Edmonton.
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