Saturday, March 26, 2011

My Birthday in New Sarepta

The clock has just rolled past midnight and it is now March 26th 2011. I am officially 32 years old.

I plan to celebrate my birthday by playing hockey at my rec team's annual fundraising tournament.  The tourney actually started tonight as we played our first game at 6PM. We lost 3-2 in the final minutes but it was a good game all the way through. Immediately after the loss, I donned the reffing outfit and Mitzy and I reffed the next game, and then Dave and I reffed the game after.  I was surprised that my legs held out after 3 hours on the ice, especially with our rec team playing last night at 10:15pm. I guess a couple cold beer stashed in the penalty box helped.

So now I am home and recouping/stockloading for tomorrows games with a 4 egg Denver omelet. We are scheduled to play out at New Sarepta at 8 and 10:30 tomorrow morning, plus I'll be reffing the game in between.  But seriously, I'm pumped.

If you are out and about on March 26th and looking for fun head out to the
New Sarepta Agriplex to watch some fun rec-hockey. We have some great games planned where anything can happen ( I called a penalty shot tonight for little to no reason). Additionally you can buy a ticket for some really cool draws like a signed Taylor Hall jersey or a signed Frant Fuhr mask.

Plus you can potentially watch me fall down on my ass in complete exhaustion by noon. Washed up at 32 and can't stay awake past 1PM.
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