Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Sylvan Lake Pond Hockey

Last weekend was the annual Sylvan Lake Pond Hockey Tournament. I have been lucky enough to play the last 2 years with the company associated with my rec-hockey team. Every year its been great fun boozing and schmoozing with hockey bums like me and hockey stars like Marcel Dionne, Charlie Simmer, and the Hanson Brothers from the movie Slapshot.

This year I was extremely pumped up to play. It's been a long winter and the first weekend of March has been marked on my calendar since I got it.

You can imagine my frustration then when I woke up the Thursday before the weekend with a cough and a stuffed up nose. I drank echinacea tea all day at work, popped some multivitamins and nursed myself with chicken noodle soup that night. I woke up Friday feeling worse but after a quick trip to Rexall Drugs (1 for 1 on aeroplan miles) and about 30 miles worth of over the counter drugs later I felt that I was ready to go.

I downed about 3 litres of pop, juice and water on the 90 minute drive to Sylvan, met up with the boys and took to the ice. I actually felt pretty good in our first game. The ice wasn't too pocked up yet and I had a few hard little bursts of activity that got a good sweat going. Unfortunately, we got our asses handed to us the first game. Which isn't really all that different from past year, but a guy can hope.
I stayed out on the ice for the hour in between games and felt alright for the second game, but my fitness levels were already quite decreased from the first game. Once again we got our assess handed to us. Our team took it easy that night having a couple of beers at the bar and supper and I turned in early.

That night I had trouble sleeping. We were staying in fantastic rooms at the Chateau Suites that had a fireplace that kicked in with the thermostat. Unfortunately, the fireplace made the whole suite crazily dry.

I struggled in our Saturday game but I had absolutely no energy and was having some difficulty breathing. We lost in a close game, and I felt guilty about how bad I played. I tried to relax and get some energy back but I continued to feel worse. I knew that I was done and informed the team that I was heading back to Edmonton.

I didn't like letting the guys down but I had absolutely nothing left. When I eventually got back to my condo in Edmonton I basically just fell in to the couch and I haven't really done much since that time on Saturday afternoon till now: Tuesday. Well, that's not entirely true. I have been having one hell of a pity party....

Although not out there long, I did manage to snap a couple of pictures.

The Hanson Brothers as the guests of honour for the opening ceremonies.

Game action. Four skaters on each side, one alternate.
Jordan pulling a puck out of the "boards"
Darren. Tyler, Conrad
At the end of the 3rd game I took a self portrait of myself.
This is the face of a man who has run out of steam.
Hopefully next year I can play again and remain healthy.
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