Tuesday, March 01, 2011

North Shore Ice Ninjas - 2011

We are well past the half way point  in our rec hockey season. I provided a stats breakdown of previous season at the beginning of the year here. For this season I made no lofty predictions other than my eating of cheesy poofs.

As of today the Ice Ninjas are currently 9-14-0-1 for 19 points and 10th out of 12 teams in the always competitive River Cree D2B division.

My game has remained the same from the beginning of the year. I have a good understanding of the game and am often in the right place, it's just that I don't have great puck skills and a pretty weak shot. It's hard to get any better when you only play once a week. 

So far for the year my stats look like like this:

It is good for 7th overall on the team in points and 2nd in assists.  Really though I'm just pretty good at getting our best player the puck and then letting him do all the work.

I was cleaning out my computer a couple of days ago and I found some pictures that I did up for a team event a few months back.  I completely forgot about them when we had the event and never shared them then, so I'm figuring why not now. I think they represent whats best about rec-hockey; hanging out and joking with a great group of guys.

Ladies and Gentlemen --- The Ice Ninjas

Our great leader and Captain.
PBR cover boy.
Too long of a story to explain.
Yes, that is Wayne Gretzky's Dad.

One half of the Humboldt Curtain on Defense.

The power half (level 12 paladin) of the Humboldt Curtain on Defense.
Our penalty minute leader only takes limo's.

Swiss Army Knife = Goalie, Defenseman and Power Forward.
Next game is March 2nd. Check your local listings...
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