Thursday, September 02, 2010

Ren Baptism

Last Sunday, August 29th, my nephew Ren was baptised. I'm a lapsed Roman Catholic but am still consious of the importance of these events and was glad that I could attend the ceremony.

Mom came in from Saskatoon with the Wandzura set of Grandparents and the God-Parents Kelly and Paul came in from Regina so we had good Saskatchewan representation. It was good to see all of them again.

Before the big ceremony we got most of the gang together at Mucca's for pictures.

From Left to Right - Paul, Claire, Paul, Kelly, Ren, Monica (Sister), Mary (Mom)
The God-Parents and still heathen Ren clutching his horse for courage.
A couple of candid shots of Paul and Claire.
Family pose
Me and Mom in her new fancy dress.
Ren right before heading to church - Last picture as a pagan heathen
Claire in church
The actual baptism (fuzzy pic is the best I got) Ren was pretty solemn during it all and didn't fuss.
Back at the house we pigged out on burgers, smokies and shrimps, some great salads and DQ Ice-Cream cake.
Of course for Ren the best part of the day was getting presents.
Ren has hilariously animated facial expressions. He was totally enthralled by his new Cars sticker book.
Welcome to christianity Ren, enjoy the overwhelming shame and guilt that accompanies it.

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