Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Quebec City: Part 1 - The Sights

Last week I was lucky enough to goto Quebec City to attend the Economic Developer Association of Canada's (EDAC) annual conference. It was a typical conference, many good connections made, some good seminars, some not so good. I decided to stay a couple of extra days on my own to mess around and see the sights of this beautiful city.

Fountain in front of Parliament
St. Louis Street in the walled section of Old Quebec
Christina also crashed the conference to see old friends and hung out for a couple days. Here she is in front of the Hotel Frontenac.
 The castle on the hill - Hotel Frontenac
Lots of cool things have occurred at the Hotel over the years but I thought the craziest was that this was the place where a good portion of D-Day was planned.
A lot of the planning went on in this ballroom which is now rented out for weddings, receptions and meetings. I have no idea what the cost would be to rent the room, but it's pretty swanky. The chandeliers are genuine crystal.
 A quick funicular ride down from the Hotel is Lo-Town. This area was my favorite.
 Notre Dame church and square in Low-Town.
 A great mural in Low-Town - pictures hardly do it justice.
In Low-Town I really liked this statue and the water that ran beneath it
Christina was a fan of all the brightly painted buildings. This one nicely matches her shirt and jeans.
Even the overpasses are works of art.
The Train Station and another cool fountain.
The St.Roch Cathedral.
Old and new Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec (French for "National Museum of Fine Arts of Quebec
So many awesome buildings and cool streets. Every time you take a corner you're floored by another great sight.
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