Sunday, September 12, 2010

Prairie Gardens in Bon Accord

Last weekend Christina and I took a trip to Prairie Gardens Adventure Farm to try out the corn maze. Of course there is more than just the maze at the Gardens.  Highlights include the petting zoo and the abundance of animals.
I like the satisfied look on this sheep's face.
The reminder that we're in fall and Thanksgiving is coming up.
Or if you prefer duck...
Christina was quite smitten with this regal white goose.
Giraffe in the enchanted forest.
Prep for the corn maze.
Christina is a scaredy cat with most things so I threatened to chase her through the maze in full viking mode with an axe. I'm not sure how that would help anything....
Finally we were ready and jumped on the transit to the maze.

The maze was a lot of fun. There were 5 phases and you had to find 2 keys (letters) in each phase that would solve a final riddle. We did pretty good with only one occasion of being generally lost.
While lost Christina and I went a little crazy and decided to eat our way out.
Luckily, we found another pathway and followed that. We finished the whole maze in about an hour.
The Gardens were a great time. I would recommend getting out there before the weather turns.

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