Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Parkland After Dark Rotary Casino Night

A couple of weekends ago Christina and I were invited by United Construction Company to join them at the 1st annual Casino Night hosted by the Parkland After Dark Rotary.

We were informed that it was a black tie event so as a test-run for our upcoming wedding I rented a tux to check out comfort levels and to see how it looked. And of course, Christina will take any chance she can to get all fancied up, and she fancies up well...

The lovely hair and makeup

But the wind, what to do about the wind?

Ukranian heritage showing through
Hot stuff and cool ice at the event.

Usually I am not much for gambling but with some great prizes and the tickets that can be 'purchased' with funny money winnings I was ready for some blackjack.

When our pockets got full we got creative

With a lot of help from the dealers we ended up with quite a stack of bills and a nice bunch of prize tickets.

It ended up the only prize I went home with that night was the best one. But I didn't win her in any raffle...It just turns out that valkries really like luchadores.

Big thanks to United for the great night.

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