Sunday, May 12, 2013

Christina's Birthday 2013

On May 3rd it was my betrothed Chrissy's birthday. Although the day is important I have learned that she tends to celebrate about a week prior till a couple of weeks later. So as far as I can tell we are somewhere near the end of her celebration and so I can finally write about it.

On the day before her birthday I realized that it was officially the last time I would ever get to date a smoking hot 32 year old so I took her out for dinner and a show. First stop was Packrat Louie for a great supper then we took in Flight of the Viscount at the Varscona Theatre. The show was pretty fantastic (it is only playing till May 19th) go see it!

For the big day, after receiving a small token gift in the morning, Chrissy and I met her (future and always) bridesmaids and their menfolk at our favorite restaurant in Edmonton: Continental Treat Fine Bistro. Home to the best dill pickle soup you will ever have!

Finishing off the weekend and the halfway point of her 'no clutter, experiences gifts' was a trip to Fort In View golf course by our house for a quick 9 holes of golf.

But nearing the green on the first hole, tragedy strikes! Leaning over awkwardly to grab her ball out of a puddle Chrissy rips the bum on her jeans wide open.

Like a champ she finishes out the hole.

Completely composed she raps her bunnyhug around her waist and we walk back to the clubhouse to buy a skirt or new shorts. But, alas, so early in the season there is absolutely no womens 'bottoms' to buy in the pro-shop. Thinking that we may have to turn back in to town the course manager appears with his extra pair of shorts from his office. We gladly accept and Chrissy changes into a male strangers shorts.

And she rocked it out having a fantastic game.

The festivities slowed down during the week until her official birthday gift on the 1 week anniversary of the actual day. My gift? A surprise night out with her parents and myself at Jubilations Dinner Theatre to see  My Big Fat Edmonton Wedding.

We have a stressed out Bridezilla, whose mood swings make Jekyll and Hyde seem tame. There's the nervous groom, with a seemingly dangerous secret past, and the "thrifty" Father of the Bride, who fancies himself to be a wedding singer. The best friend/bridesmaid with an eye for the groom, and a best man who has crashed more weddings than he can remember and has both eyes on every female have My Big Fat Edmonton Wedding!

Unbeknownst to us the whole venue and staff are fully involved in the plotline of the wedding with the servers all being cousins or friends of the wedding party with their own back-story. The show clipped along quickly inter-spliced with the our multicourse meal. Both the production and the food were top notch.

It being Chrissy's birthday (kind-of) she was personally serenaded at our table by the bride from the production and then ushered on stage with the other birthday folks to give her age and take part in a dance. As you can see she's a natural.

I am a lucky man. 
Happy Birthday Chrissy. I can't wait to spend many more with you.

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