Friday, May 24, 2013

We Shall Have Pie Fun Run

Last weekend I took part in my very first ever fun run. This was kind of a big deal for me as I am grossly out of shape and am generally built for speed as opposed to stamina (not a euphemism). So why may you ask was I willingly running 5 kilometres to no particular destination...It was for delicious pie.

For the last half year plus my friends Jenny and Tina have been blogging about food, fitness, and everyday life on their website As a way to promote general fitness, but mostly for fun they decided to put on their own 5km race with the proceeds going to KidSport Edmonton. The hook, or extra incentive for participants, was fresh pie (not a euphemism) upon finishing the the race. Truly a 'treat' for expending all your energy.

As organisers it was their first ever 'legit' road race and I think they ended up getting more work than they originally bargained for. But that was a good thing as they ended up with about 70 runners on the big day as opposed to their initial low estimates of a dozen.

The night before the race Chrissy and I checked in at the Kinsmen Running Room to pick up our swag and kit for the next day. As a great surprise we were greeted by Tina who gave us some extra encouragement and a new first for me - Pie in a jar.

The next morning I got up a little earlier than usual for a Saturday to do some yardwork and stretch everything out. Following all that up with a light breakfast Chrissy and I felt pretty good for the race...albeit I was a little off centre.

We arrived early at Kinsmen Park just under the high level bridge for some last minute stretching and posing.

And then we were off...
I started pretty good finding a quick but sustainable pace and held it straight for the first 2km before my shin splints became unbearable. For the next half km it was all start and stop motion as I had to stop and stretch out my calves to get feeling back in my toes. At the half way point I simply flopped to the ground, pounded back some water and stretched. For the next km or so I walked with my shoes off and then did more start and stops as both my fitness level and shins were getting the best of me. With the finish line getting in my sights I decided to finish strong and gave it my all for the finish line and a time of approximately 32 minutes.

Upon finishing the race I proceeded to fall into a heap massaging my shins and ankles.

Chrissy, a savvy veteran, patiently waited for me to finish and then attacked the pie table to collect her reward.

Feeling completely down and like a big sissy that I couldn't even run 5 km I did what any 34 year old adult would. I took my sorrows to a Splash Park where I could feel like a big man.

That's right, big man, totally an adult.

I arrived back at the race start/finish in time to grab a slice of pie and then settled in to watch our hosts hand out cool prizes from sponsors, Wajax, Running Room and more. 

Chrissy even won a prize.

To drown my sorrows of running failure and to celebrate the success of the inaugural race (Great Job Girls!) we headed out for a beer. Unfortunately, Tina couldn't join us as she had to start her shift at the Running Room when the cleanup finished (she's hardcore like that). 

It wasn't till late in the day Sunday that my body started feeling the effects of the run. My right foot couldn't take any weight without having considerable pain. Recollecting a past visit to a podiatrist I figured it to be some tendon damage or inflammation and my internet searching identified it as just that...or polio...thank god for the internet. A few days later my foot still hurts and I'm contemplating never ever running on paved surfaces. Maybe I should take up baking. 

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