Monday, April 29, 2013

Hockey Trip To Chicago - Losers & Champs

As usual we brought two teams to Chicago to play hockey: Our stud team (Devils) and our pluggers team (Ice Ninjas) of which I am a charter member of.

Our Devils team walked all over their competition in the first game and followed that up with a tight one goal loss in their second game. This created a little uncertainty for them making the finals heading into the their last game. Suffering a 3rd period implosion the game finished in a 3-3 tie allowing the Devils into the final based on goal differential versus the team they lost to..........results to follow but first some pictures.

The finals Sunday morning resulted in a tight 2-1 win for the Devils. The celebration lasted through the day and night with the boys who were still in town taking the trophy with them through the bars.

*Image stolen from Banack's facebook and the dreams of single women everywhere

As for my team the IceNinjas there is not much to say. We got utterly destroyed the first game not even getting a shot on net until midway through the 2nd period. Our goalie who let in 7 goals in a loss was by far the #1 star of the game. It easily could have been a 20-0 game we were so outclassed. I like to think that it wasn't just us, instead it was a bad in pre-tournament screening and seeding. The team that hammered us should have been in the same division as our Devils.

Due to some unforeseen and unfortunate circumstances our all star goaltender had to get back to Edmonton on short notice before our second day of games. For games 2 and 3 we picked up a couple of decent goalies who we then left out to dry and unsurprisingly we lost 8-4 and 7-3. If we had our regular goalie with us we may have stood a chance in winning those games; but really, it wouldn't have mattered as we would have just gotten destroyed again in the final.

Oh well. Next year...

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