Monday, November 21, 2011

Movember Curling

Last weekend the 3rd annual Movember Bonspiel was held at the Granite Curling Club here in Edmonton. After missing last years event for work I was excited to get back on the ice again.

The day itself is a blast as everybody gets dressed up in their finest curling wear and tilts back a few beverages in the spirit of hairy man camaraderie.  As I am as skilled as a professional curler I thought it best to dress like a professional so I picked up a spiffy suit at Value Village for $25. I tried to convince Greg to also dress up in a crappy suit for curling but he went with a 'dandy' look instead. Stupid jerk kind of pulls it off.
My suit didn't last the day as it ripped during a Hulk Hogan pose down.
More friends and their outfits.
Amy looking good in the killer looking homemade sweater.
 The biggest hat I have ever seen.
 The 1980's track pants are now in their 3rd year of Movember curling.
 A true Canadian man!
 I have probably seen Chris wear this half a dozen times now, it never gets old.
Mo'Sista Amanda and Crystal modeling the Mo'Sista's gear.
Our team started off awesome winning the first 2 games. 

I had to take off for rec-hockey before the 3rd game but before I took off we snapped a team pic.
The team won their next game without me then got slaughtered in the finals by a bunch of ringers. For a bunch of rookie curlers and drunken louts we did pretty good. Now, all I want to do is curl. I need to join or start a team.

Non Movember Continuation.
My full day continued at rec-hockey where we won our game in OT 7-6. Foss, who is by far our best player had 5 goals and 2 assists. No big deal...
After all the games I took in the Death From Above 1979 concert. Which was awesome.
Sunday was pretty lazy. I don't think I got off the couch from 2PM on. 

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