Tuesday, November 01, 2011


For me this had to be the least built-up Halloween ever. As a man of a certain age without kids there really isn't that much to look forward to other than scantily clad women, and if I wanted that I would just goto Earls or the bar or something.

So it was with a high level of apathy that I entered the weekend.  Thankfully, Christina was able to break me out of that funk with some simple Halloween activities.

Friday night before the pagan holiday Christina and I popped over to Sobeys to pick out some sacrificial pumpkins in which to make Jack O'Lanterns.  We chose a couple nice plump ones and started to work on them.

 The horror, the horror.
 Stu's pumpkin
 Chrissy and her cat pumpkin.
 The finished product.
 Just to add to the experience and further deepen the pain of the carved pumpkins I was drinking the lifeblood of their fallen brothers: Pumpkin Ale was great.
For the Saturday night Christina and I decided to head out to the Overtime Bar and Grill in Sherwood Park for a duelling pianos pirate themed party. Value Village hooked us up with some sweet accessories.
Christina's mean pirate face.
 The dread pirate weird neck pillaging the country side.
At the bar I cam across this dude in the awesome Goonies costume. As he walked by I gave out the "Hey You Guys" call. Out of nowhere he rewarded me with a Baby Ruth candy bar. It was quite the moment.
Finally, on Monday night (Halloween) Christina and I donned the pirate gear again to give out candy at her place. We had 85 kids come through with my favorite being a little guy dressed as a skunk. Near the end of the night there was a special visitor as Christina's only niece, Gabriella, showed up. Although you can't tell from this picture Gabby was happy to see Chrissy.
 Gabby and Alex (dad).
After a slow start it turned out to be a pretty good weekend. So, Thanks to Chrissy for making my Halloween fun. You are the best.
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