Tuesday, November 29, 2011

End of Movember (Updated)

The moustache is coming off tomorrow and it can't come soon enough. Usually it doesn't bother me but this year it has been extremely itchy and warm...Two of my most hated states of being!

If you haven't donated yet - get to it by clicking here

Update - Pics from the work Movember campaign...We raised nearly $3,000.

Ted - The Office Place Man of Movember. I love the white fade and how it is even on both sides.
A good majority of the workplace team.
My own late month pictures and my favorite shot from the Movember Gala below.

Looking for trouble in my $6 shades.
 Trying to smile for the camera.
 Blue Steel
 These guys were by far the most inspired team. I made the mistake of refering to them as a bunch of despots and got scolded for making that association with Ghandi. I will not recant.

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