Monday, November 14, 2011

Free Time On My Hands

I haven't been blogging much lately as I have been having problems with my camera. However, I finally have fixed it as of 10 minutes ago...So look for a few quick posts. Additional to having access to my photos again over the next few weeks I will be without my BFF Christina as she is currently on vacation in South America.
So with all this free time I will try to get caught up on my blog in between long sessions of X-box 360 and sauerkraut eating (2 activities that Christina does not approve of).

I am hoping that when Christina returns I can get her to do a guest blog on her trip. As a potential tease of that post I have some pre-trip picks to share.

Christina is an experienced traveler and likes to have local money ready when she arrives at her destination. I am fascinated by notes from different countries so I took the following pictures.

Typical looking old white dude doesn't seem right.
This guy looks like a total lefty intellectual - the ultimate insult, putting his mug on money.
I find the Roman style picture on the 20 to be weird.
 Straight up ballin'
Last picture of Christina taken in Canada at the airport at 6 am. That bag is all of her gear for a full 17 days.

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