Sunday, January 09, 2011

Saskatoon Christmas - Part 1

Family pictures on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Preparing for the big feast on Christmas Eve.
 The kids table
 Living room and Mom's new mini fibre-optic Christmas Tree.
 Ren getting excited to open presents.
 Cousins hanging out.

Abridged Family portraits

Lawrence and Matt.
 Steph's Family
 Monica's family
 Christina, myself and Mom
 Ren and Claire must have been good last year as Santa left them some presents on Christmas morning.
 I got a sweet Riders jersey and my traditional gift from Christina of a calendar.
Ren was a little jealous of my calendar.
That night Lawrence and Betty were kind enough to invite Christina, myself and Mom over to their place for Christmas Day.  Christina made a friend of Betty's mom's dog.
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