Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Nikki and The Leap of Faith

I'm not exactly sure what led to my niece Nikki bungee jumping at West Edmonton Mall.
  • Did her boyfriend Luke really want to bungee jump and convinced her that she wanted to as well?
  • Did Nikki have a few too many 'pops' one night and started talking brave and then eventually had to back it up?
  • Did her brother Matt arrange it all as some form of shaming, thinking that she wouldn't go through with it?
  • Did Nikki not get the coward of heights gene that her Uncle Stuart has?
Whatever the reasoning, it was something that my sister Monica and I had to witness.

Nikki and Luke getting ready for their tandem jump.
 View of the platform over the wave pool at West Edmonton Mall.
 Looking out over the wave pool.
The jump (sorry on the poor quality footage).
One thing I always wondered was how they got the jumpers off the cord. It turns out that once the jump is done they give them slack at the top and the jumper has a rope that they pull themselves to the ledge with. Luke did all the work. Good man!
Nice work Nikki - You're way ahead of me on the non coward list.
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