Monday, January 10, 2011

Saskatoon Christmas - Part 3

Christmas for me is all about hanging out and having fun with the family over the holidays.

Liam is addicted to playing mini-foosball. I take the opportunity to beat him now before he inevitably destroys me when he's older.
 My fashion statement outfit for winter sledding.
 A whole gang of us went out sledding by Forest Grove school.
 We tried to make Ren and Claire walk back up the hill every once in awhile. That was our plan to tire them out so we wouldn't have to stay on the hill all day.
 Of course, it wasn't just the small kids having fun. All the big kids got into the action as well.
 Liam was really ripping and I caught him catching a little bit of air off a jump.
 Liam talked a big game but Christina crushed him in a race down the hill.
On boxing day Randy got back from the lake and we all went bowling. Liam had some difficulty with 10 pin bowling but excelled at 5 pin.
Amelia was a remarkably good bowler. The first game of the night she broke 100 points in 10 pin and got about 2 or 3 strikes. I'm still amazed at how she could huck that heavy ball down the lane.
 Lawrence the only lefty of the group never disappoints.
 As you can see, Amelia gets her fine form from her father Randy.
 I really like this "Something About Mary" hair gel picture of Christina as she gets windswept by the blower.
And in case you were wondering, I had the high score in both 5 and 10 pin bowling. As the great philosopher Bryan Possberg once said "You don't bowl to lose".

And that was Christmas 2010.
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