Sunday, January 09, 2011

Saskatoon Christmas - Part 2

I spent Christmas 2010 in Saskatoon this year and had a blast hanging out with family and friends. Thankfully the weather was excellent so I got some quality time outside.

Skateshack at the Bez! Free skate borrowing services on site!
Skating at the Bez is a Saskatoon classic and is easily my favorite outdoor rink.

Walking in the Meewasin Valley. Note: Christina forgot her tuque and was forced to wear my Roughriders headgear. She has never looked better.
Christina wanted to check out the bridge the the cross country skiers use. I captured her running back towards me and converted the pictures into a GIF.
make animated gifs

Another great Christmas activity in Saskatoon is visiting the Western Development Museum. They dress up the main area to look old timey Christmas like. 
A cool attraction is the old department store window displays. My sister Monica describes them; "They were originally built for Eaton's in Winnipeg in 1946 and I first saw them probably in the early 1980s when they were displayed in Saskatoon's Midtown Plaza." (She has tons more really great pictures on her website Through a Lucky Mama's Viewfinder
On it's own the museum is quite fun - and a good photo op place.
Here's Monica "working the streets".
 A haircut and shave for 2 bits is a hell of a deal.
 Christina driving the steam train.
 Dare I say - the place is so fun it's criminal. Insert rimshot.
 More Saskatoon pictures to come.

Also: This marks my 100th post. To all the people who doubted I would actually keep blogging after a month: Suck It.
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