Thursday, December 16, 2010

Winter at the Legislature

A couple of nights ago Christina and I went for a walk through the Legislative Grounds. They are only about 5 blocks from my place - a nice winters walk.
I took a few pictures playing around with a flash and without. The snowflakes really 'popped' under the flash and look kind of cool, but also kind of weird. Judge for yourself.

McKay Avenue School, just down the street from my condo.
Christmas lights at the Legislative grounds.
 Christina at Leg (flash)
 Christina at the Leg (no flash)
 Stu at the Leg (no flash) 
 Stu at the Leg (Flash)
 The big tree.
I found a little side panel on the Leg with stained glass. I have no idea if this window is always done up like this or if it's a Christmas display.
Entry way to the interior of the Leg.
Inside the Leg. A choir was set to start in about a half hour, or in Stuart time: seemingly days. We did not stick around. I am insufferable.
So what do you think? Do you like seeing the snow in the flash or do you prefer the pics with no flash.

Additionally: Now whenever I goto the Legislative grounds I think of the song Edmonton by Rural Alberta Advantage.  I wanted to make it a purple city, but Christina seems to care about her retinas.
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