Tuesday, December 07, 2010

The End of Movember

Another successful Movember has come and gone. I raised around $350 bucks for prostate cancer research through the power of facial hair.

Thank you for your donations. Here is a shot of the mustache on November 30th.
We had a few people at work grow mustaches this year including the big boss man and his silver topped upper lip. Here is a sampling of some of the work Mo Bro's. That's some professional looking dudes.
This year Movember got extended a few extra days for the annual Movember gala. It's basically a celebratory costume party where you are encouraged to dress to your mustache and awarded prizes. Last year Christina and I were awarded couple of the year. This year we got lazy and had some bad luck with our costumes so we pulled a complete 180 and went 'normal'. Normal for us was a building a backstory and dressing up as the star QB and head chearleader 10 years past our prime. My ring is supposed to be from a football "State Championship" but it's really a Red Lantern ring from DC Comics.
Before heading out to the big gala we hit up a local pub to meet the rest of our crew for the night.
First to arrive were Chris and his lovely wife Tara.
The epitome of sex appeal.
Drink it in.
Our posse continued to expand including the Bells and Greg.
Adam, Jamie, Jeff and their folks arrived to help put down some table kegs. The Super Troopers syrup bottle props got put to good use.
Things started to get out of hand
Eventually we got to the Oil City Roadhouse on Jasper Ave for the big gala. The Roadhouse is usually a country themed 'meat market' and not a place I would goto willingly. However, they did it up well for the night. The mechanical bull that is usually a big attraction was done up for one night only to take mustache rides. I didn't do very well and was thrown off in only a few seconds. Matt had at least time to pose.
Being a country bar and myself a good ol' boy for the night I grabbed myself a Budweiser and a blonde.
Mike Miller, one of the dudes who actually helped bring Movember to Canada, was in his Eskimos outfit that he rocked during the Grey Cup festivities.
Greg's costume was most likely lost on a bunch of people but I thought it was pretty sly and dead on.
 Greg with his inspiration: Micheal Cera from the movie Youth in Revolt.
  Eventually the judging finally started. Our group had quite a few winners. Adam won for "worst mustache".
He decided to mascara a little portion so people could actually see some of it. He had the blondest and most uneven mustache ever: It didn't grow beneath his nose but grew to at least a centimeter around the corners of his mouth. We called him Catfish.
Tara and Chris won the best couple prize which was supercool. That makes it 3 years running that someone from our Movember team has won the couples prize. While Chris was on stage he was introduced as Kenny Powers of the TV show Eastbound and Down. That immediately made him a crowd favorite. He parlayed this popularity into a berth in the finals for the honour of being the Edmonton Man of Movember.
I captured this video of the finals. Beware, there is some NSFW language.

(Spoiler Alert - Chris Wins) After the big win there was nothing left to do but dance.
If you're at Oil City Roadhouse then that means there will be line dancing. If there is line dancing then that means Christina will be there, most likely leading it.
Before everyone got too messy or took off we took a work reunion photo of all past and current staff in attendance. We are a bit of a motley crew.
 So mark another great Movember in the books. Once again thank you to all who donated and we'll see you next year.

For more pictures: Click Here.
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