Sunday, December 19, 2010

Edmonton Opera Flashmob Performance

Due to my association with the Edmonton Opera: encore! group I was tipped off about a flashmob that was going to occur this past Friday at City Centre Mall.

I arrived on the scene at about 1:10pm and there was quite a large crowd formed. I couldn't get down to the floor level like I planned so I grabbed a spot along the railing near the big Christmas Tree. There were plenty of people milling about asking questions, "What's going on?" What is everybody looking at?"
Eventually the singing started and Hallelujah reverberated through the mall. It was quite an impressive sound. My co-worker Colin is in full throttle (just under the sign and 2 away from the escalator).
I recorded a shaky video excerpt of the song which you can see below.

This is the second Edmonton Opera flashmob in the last year. Unfortunately I missed the first one, but here is the video.
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