Sunday, May 01, 2016

City Managers Cup Champs

It was a slow spring for hockey this year. Our team took a year off on hosting our charity hockey tournament and I decided against traveling to Ottawa for our annual rec hockey trip to instead spend more time with Christina and Sophia.

In attempt to get my "hockey fix" in I participated in a fun tournament at work - The City Managers Cup. Our team from last year did alright, losing out in the semi's to the eventual pool winner. So, I thought it was a little weird that they ended up dropping us down a tier. With a couple of pick-ups from our Section / Department we looked good going in.

It turns out not only did we look good, but we were good. We walked through the competition, never trailing once in our 4 games and took the Div 5 championship.

Everyone else looks fresh and it looks like I just ran a marathon.

My buddy Riley and myself

Flaunting our trophy and championship rings at work

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