Sunday, May 15, 2016

Swimming Lessons

Chrissy wanted to start Sophia early with swimming lessons. One of the early lessons I have learned is that if "Mom" wants to do something it is in everybody's best interest to do, Sophia is in swimming lessons.

I thought she was a little young but according to the course offering through the Edmonton rec-facilities she was capable, "Starfish is the entry level with a focus on orientation to water, buoyancy, movement, entries. (child must be able to hold their head up)".

For the last couple of Tuesday's we have been heading off to our Clareview Recreation Centre for Starfish swimming lessons.

Sophia takes to the water really well. She doesn't get upset or scared and is now even starting to splash around a little bit. It helps that she has her mothers buoyancy as opposed to the lead-lined bones of her father.

She doesn't even mind getting her head dunked. Pro-tip from Chrissy blow air in the baby's face right before dunking. They will instinctively take a big gulp of air.

Chrissy's parents have come to watch a couple of the lessons and we often sit and visit in the lobby with them afterwards. Sophia has started picking up new tricks like trying to eat peoples faces. In the picture below Baba is getting sized up.

Being in the pool really seems to take it out of her and often she falls asleep before we even leave the parking lot. That works for us, as we can take long luxurious car-trips through the Dairy Queen drive through.

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