Monday, August 26, 2013

Saskatoon Berry Barn

To finish off the long weekend and our 'family reunion' a flock of Kehrigs descended on one of our favourite prairie spots - The Saskatoon Berry Barn.

Aside from being a very attractive spot along the river it offers fantastic Ukrainian food and a stellar waffle bar with fresh berry toppings. A great spot to celebrate exactly 50 years since my parents wedding. A few pictures below.

This is Christina's favorite new dress. Mom ended up hemming the top on it right before leaving the house. However, it wasn't without a small misstep.Mom ended up getting distracted by the multitude of children running about and hemmed the sleaves across from each other. I was scared that Chrissy was going to lose her mind, but she took it all in stride and 5 minutes later Mom fixed it and no one was the wiser...til now I guess. Sorry for ratting you out Mom. 

Bonus Picture - My neice Jade has quite long hair. To keep it from getting knotted her mom braids it into 3 pigtails. I have never seen that number of pigtails before and was fascinated by the process and the end product. This is Jade getting her hair done before heading out for lunch.

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