Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Working for the Weekend

Christina and I either separately or collectively have been out of town for the majority of the weekends this summer. While we enjoy being out of town we sometimes just like being 'homebodies'. Or at least my version of a homebody. Highlights of this past weekend include:

I took the Friday off from work, but it wasn't a day off - oh no. I had many chores to do including grocery shopping, laundry, a trip to the bottle depot, yardwork, and a couple of fun items, like tending the garden and making supper.

As I had some extra time and was gifted fresh mint from a co-worker I attempted to cook a leg of lamb for the first time.

The meat turned out better than I expected and Chrissy's modified mint sauce was a great compliment to the lamb, potatoes and parsnips.  That with garden fresh beans and carrots made it seem like a fall harvest meal as opposed to an early summer supper - but whatever, I enjoyed it.

With distended stomachs we decided to test out our new outdoor fire pot for the first time ever. Of course, we had to test the fire pit to it's absolute maximum.

Saturday morning started off slow before heading out to the City Market Downtown where we shopped for deals.

After picking up some kohlrabi from Kuhlmann's we found an interesting glass birdbath which will serve an un-yet decided purpose at the wedding. Heading back to the car we stopped at the Mercer Collective Makers Market to check out the craft sellers. I can't say we were all that impressed with the wares for sale - but we were impressed by the ingenuity and salesmanship of a young gent who convinced Christina and I try to try our hand at origami.

I ended up doing almost none of the folding on my ninja throwing star. Sometimes you just need to get the pro's (even pre-teen ones) to do the work for you. And yes, I am wearing a Green Lantern ring. I am practising wearing a ring before the wedding and it lets everyone know that I am both awesome and taken.

As everything recently has seemed to be wedding related I don't why this weekend would be any different. An amazingly efficient and time saving meeting with Maxine at our reception location, St. Johns Cultural Centre, left us wondering why anybody would go anywhere else and what to do with all of our newly found time.  We decided to drive North ending up in St. Albert.

Once again we were back at a Farmers market

Like always I was looking for snowball turnips - and it was a good day.

Just look at that beauty in my right hand. It's the size of a toddlers head. 

Not knowing what to do next we continued on driving North.  While passing through Bon Accord we learned it was Harvest Days. How could we not stop?

The sports grounds and hockey rink were the main draw with a ball tournament, carnival style games and yet another market. This one was quite educational. Did you know that it is best to store your wine vertically in evening wear that supports enormous breasts - particularly camouflage? 

After seeing the 'wine wear' I was feeling especially virile and eager to show off to Chrissy.  I absolutely destroyed the bell on top of the strong man competition. 

Not to be outdone Christina took her turn and fared alright. I think she 'threw it' so I could keep my masculinity.

Turning the corner around the rink we came upon a petting zoo and immediately pushed aside many small children to get our chance to play with the animals.

Koko 'B' Ware
Still unsure what to do Chrissy and I headed toward home. As we passed by Gibbons we were overcome with thirst and decided to stop at Goose Hummock Golf Course for a beverage. The course looked great, but was mysteriously empty. More room on the patio for us.

Sunday, a day of rest, was a lot more low key.  Lots of gardening and reading through the morning and early afternoon before heading out to Fort In View Golf Course for 18 holes.

Pro Form

So that was the nice quiet weekend at home. I could use a few more...

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