Monday, October 08, 2012

Saskatoon Visit

On the Labor Day weekend of this year I headed back to Saskatchewan to do some old fashioned labor and help my brother Lawrence shingle the roof at his cabin. I headed out straight from work at noon on Friday and made it to Saskatoon just in time to pick up my nephew Liam and head out to the Huskies Football game.
It was the season opener and also Military night and the place was packed and jacked for the season to begin. They even had a couple of jets come fly over. It was awesome - literally no one seems to care about collegiate football in Alberta and in Saskatoon they have freaking jets!
Sunset at Griffiths Stadium.

The Huskies won easily, embarrassing the visiting University of Alberta Golden Bears 32-0.
We hung out after the game to see the celebratory fireworks. It was great being back in Saskatchewan to watch a football game. The good folks in the province really understand and appreciate the game.

I got to Lawrence's at Humboldt Lake (aka Stony Lake) mid morning on Saturday and we promptly got to work.  The non-sided structure is the new addition that Lawrence built to attach to our old Humboldt Mini-Golf Office / Greenwater Cabin A.

We stripped the shingles off one side of the old cabin revealing the bare plywood - which was in surprisingly good shape.
You can see the plywood stamped from its original purchase and build of the cabin - 1983. I have some memories of the original construction at the time, but I don't know if I fully 'trust' them. I remember it being pretty hot and Geoff and Dad seemingly pounding nails for what seemed forever.
The view from the roof as Lawrence fixes the staple gun.
We didn't get as much of the work done as we intended as the weather played havoc on us with rain and wind. Thankfully we were able to get some work done and put down a protectant before the rain soaked into the attic.
A little physical work was actually a good divergent activity from my usual life in the office. It also didn't hurt that I got to hang out with Mom a little bit, visit quickly with Auntie Olga and Richard and have a couple of my favorite snacks prepared for me - taco salad, fruit salad.

Bonus - I claimed some trippy pillows for my place that Mom made.

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