Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Night

The last 3 years Christina and I have dressed up and stayed home on Halloween night to give out candy at her/our place. Tonight on All Hallows Eve (aka - the night before my brother Richards birthday) we continued the tradition.  

Chrissy dug deep into her closet of toys and pulled out a Batgirl costume from a few years ago. Here she is standing guard in front of her beloved Gotham City. 
For those of you who are nerds like me, you may be asking: Which Batgirl is she? The costume is non-committal. Is she Barbara Gordon, Cassandra Cain, or Stephanie Brown? Clues to follow.

My costume is way lamer. I grabbed some facepaint at 5pm and threw on a Gwar t-shirt to become a walking member of the undead. Be afraid as I stumble out of the office with a sinister note pad.

 Cheetos and Chocolates for the kids.

Vigilantly standing at the ready for the door to ring. (The silent watch is very Cassandra Cain)

 Success - And then a Marvel (the Hulk) and DC (Batgirl) standoff.

But the whole night is not all fun and games. There is super hero laundry work to be done (Seems like a Stephanie Brown thing to do).

And slow cooked brain soup to be spiced just right.

Musical playlists to be made by the light of the laptop. I quite like how Chrissy captured the deathly pallor of my skin off the computer.

In between chores and treat demanding kids Chrissy and I sat on the stairs and played angry birds to pass the time.  Chrissy is pretty adept and also addicted (Similar to Oracle era Barbara Gordon).

It was a bit of a slow night with approximately 65 kids, down from the triple digits of warmer Halloweens past. That being said, it was a fun night with my favorite hero.
What a sweet couple!

Final Verdict on which Batgirl...Stephanie Brown. Basically, like Chrissy she is blond, modest, and looks good in purple. Plus, I miss her in the New52. IMHO - They should have left Babs as Oracle. 
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