Sunday, May 13, 2012

Calgary Zoo (Chrissy Sojourn Part 1)

The last few weeks have been extremely busy; Back and forth to Saskatoon a couple of times, cool opportunities and new connections at work, the end of my hockey season and the beginning of slo-pitch. Between all of the events Christina quit her old job (where we met) and started a new one. Before starting her new job though she arranged for a full week off to relax. I took a couple of days off work and we roadtripped it south down to Banff.

Day 1 of the roadtrip brought us to Calgary and the City Zoo.  I've only been to the Calgary Zoo twice before in my life - once when I was quite young and my memories are a litte shaky and last winter for a night time Christmas light walking tour when most of the animals were sleeping or shacked up in inside. After visiting and enjoying the Edmonton and Saskatoon city zoos the last couple of years I was looking forward to fully experiencing the much hyped Calgary Zoo.

It didn't disappoint.

Like the Forestry Farm zoo in Saskatoon there are multiple Peacocks walking around strutting their stuff. This early in the spring they were in full plumage and looking for some action.
This peacock was sitting on a fencepost and reminded me of the sight-gag of two midgets sneaking into a place for tall people under a long trench-coat.
I love the blue color on duck wings. Must be a remnant of my childhood when I had a collection of duckwings as butchering leftovers from my brothers hunting trips.
In the middle of the zoo they had a conservatory with plenty of plants and a butterfly garden. To combat the dreariness of the drab brown world outside we lingered in there for some time taking pictures of the flowers.

As we walked around enjoying the animals we kept on finding these advertisements for the Gorillas. I thought the internal advertising was a cool idea to build excitement and a good way to further recognize a sponsor. Plus the execution was hilarious.

Needless to say when we finally got to the gorillas I was pretty excited. They were active (except for the big guy) and gave us a good show.
Near the Gorrilas was this monkey - I liked his middle part haircut.
By far my favorite animal was the hippopotamus. Chrissy and I sat and watched them for about 15 minutes as they did laps in their pool. Unfortunately, they didn't get out and walk around but it was neat to see them breach and get some air. Plus, watching them in the water was really cool - they literally prance through the water.

It was a great time at the zoo and we had a ton of fun. 
If you have never been to the Calgary Zoo before or if if you haven't been there in awhile I highly recommend it.

Next post - Banff.
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