Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Relaxing in Banff (Chrissy Sojourn Part 2)

The second day of our roadtrip found us battling a ridiculously thick fog before arriving in beautiful Banff. It wasn't so long ago since we were in the town but with a great deal on Groupon we found the pull irresistible.

We walked around the town for a couple of days just following the bow river and skirting Lake Minnewanka stopping to enjoy the scenery and take some pictures.

Posing so innocently

Along the river and on to the golf course we came across a few elk enjoying the fresh new grass of the fairway boxes. They were a little skittish and threatened to charge us with a couple of stamps so we gave them their distance.

Distance = Perspective and I took the opportunity to prove that I am the dominant species by pretending that I could consume a full elk in one bite. Take that Wapiti!

Surprisingly the water by the river was quite low. I thought it would be gushing this time of year but I guess the frost and snow in the mountains hasn't had the big melt yet.

I took the opportunity to goof around with the rocks and made a statement in the riverbed visible for Chrissy on the bridge. 

Professing my feelings to all the trolls and bridge dwellers earned me a special trip to the Banff Avenue Brewing Company brewpub. I chose to sit outside and enjoy the best Cream Ale I have ever had.

Christina obliged my outside request in her own manner.

After all the walking we were a little hungry so we ordered some appetizers. We were pleasantly surprised by the appetizers list and completely blown away when it arrived. Here we have "Honey Glazed Duck Confit Sliders with Camembert Cheese" and "Calamari with a Sweet Onion and Wasabit Sauce".  Both were ridiculously good.

After a couple of long days relaxing and eating we needed to unwind....really it's true. We filled up our thermos with some beer and headed to the outside hot tub at our hotel: The Inns of Banff.

Not a bad way to end the day.

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