Monday, April 30, 2012

Martensville Tourney

A couple of weekends back I ventured 5 hours East to Martensville Saskatchewan for an indoor plastic bat and ball tournament. It is exactly like it sounds, and it is awesome. Wiffle ball in a curling rink (no ice) is pure bliss. It has been a couple years since I took part in the tourney and it was pretty obvious that my ball skills have deteriorated heavily. Somehow, huge quantities of booze didn't help my coordination.

The ball of course was secondary to seeing Rob and Bryce. We pretty much hung out from the time I arrived Friday night to Sunday Morning when I left. We even got a replacement picture for the missing Christmas Sweater portfolio.
(Note Rob's sweet hat)
During the weekend many 'pops' were drank and many new/old friends were visited.
 Check out the table dancing way in the background.

It was a fantastic time, and Rob/Carrynn were fantastic hosts - they even mailed me my work shoes and some of my clothes I left behind. It was such a good time it took me about 3 days to fully recover body and mind. I'm not sure if I could do this tournament every year - or if I'm even allowed back in Martensville for some time....

 Bonus Pic - I was in Saskatchewan twice in April and the first time I went through my old closet and put together this sweet outfit. Christina has forbid me from wearing it again.

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