Friday, January 27, 2012

The Best Burger Joint In Edmonton

So, I have been sick for about 2 weeks, and before that Chrissy was sick for a week, so I haven't been doing too much worthwhile to post. One of the benefits of being sick is not eating and dropping a few pounds. But, then when you do get hungry, you get really hungry.

On one such occasion Chrissy and I decided it was time to cash in my groupon and check out the newish Soda Jerks Edmonton.  We went in pretty much completely blind in expectations and I was pleasantly greeted with the sight of Pop Shoppe sodas.
I of course love Pop Shoppe as we used to have the distribution rights at our Gas Station in Humboldt. At this point I was already over the moon. The menu also had some cool other soda options like Jones Soda and Dad's Rootbeer.

Looking through the menu there was some great sounding burgers and dogs but my eye got drawn to the big momma of their burgers: "The Doris".

Doris is not a lightweight woman. She contains: 4 pieces of sourdough, 8 strips of bacon, 4 pieces of cheddar cheese, 2 beef patties, 1 fried egg, mayo, lettuce, tomato and onion.
The shot from above looks ok...
But now check that out...
That's right. Two full grill cheese and bacon sandwiches as the bun of the burger. Outstanding!
Christina was slightly disgusted at the sight of me eating the burger - I don't recommend it for a first date.
Christina got the Traditional and thought it was pretty awesome. She really liked the fries too.

I can say with certainty that this is the best burger joint in Edmonton. Do yourself a favor and go check it out.
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