Sunday, February 12, 2012

Ice Ninjas Curling Funspiel

Yesterday on behalf of our rec-hockey team I hosted the first ever Ice Ninjas Curling Tournament. We had a grand total of 8 teams show up for the inaugural event with skills ranging from Schmirler to first timer curler.

My team, "Stu's Sirens" was comprised of myself, Dana "The Ringer", Andrea "Rookie of the Year", and the "Polish Assassin" Okinczyc.

We started strong with a big win over Top Gear after scoring 5 points in the 3rd end (to keep the day moving, each game was 4 ends). Andrea & Dayna split our player of the game honours.

Andrea was dialed in.
 Even with all the eye candy around.
Our second game we lost quite soundly to the eventual "A"side winner; Hewson's Heroes. Dayna was our player of the game in the tough loss.

My co-worker Craig with the great delivery.
With the loss we ended up in the "C" Final versus the Blazing Kilts. The Blazing Kilts ladies were riding high and played us tough. But there was no answer for our player of the game as Christina was absolutely killing it.

The championship lunge bringing us home as C Finals Champs.

There was a lot of good curling going down that afternoon and I tried to capture some of the moments and teams in the building.

On behalf of my hockey team I would like to thank everyone that came out and helped us raise a couple hundred bucks for our annual tournament. I hope you all had fun.

Bonus - Cute child picture - Parker chilling out in the lounge. Big curling fan.

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