Monday, January 02, 2012

Christmas 2011 - Edmonton

This year I spent my second Christmas day away from Saskatchewan. For better or worse I am becoming settled here in Edmonton.
My holiday season started early this year with the my workplaces "Kids Christmas Party". I decided to attend as I am still relatively new to the company and it would be a good opportunity to further learn about my coworkers.
The party included many fun events including the Awesomehots  playing sing along Christmas Carols. Note the sweet bass drum made from an old clothes hamper. You can buy their songs on itunes here.
Everybody that came to the party was greeted with a fun accessory and the option of face painting. Christina and I chose the reindeer antlers.
With the kids all being entertained by a magician we snuck off to the back to design our own gingerbread men
 Christina got quite the surprise when she bit the poor man's arms  off.
Finally, Santa arrived and began the gifting of presents to all the good girls and boys. At this point, we thought it best to sneak out the back after our 'evil' gingerbread man experience.
 Later in the month we had an ugly Christmas sweater Friday at the office. I grabbed a quick couple of pics of some of my favourites.
 Not to be outdone Chrissy modeled her ugly sweater for me this year. The curlers are a nice touch.
Besides all of the work fun, I was fortunate enough to help Chrissy put up her tree again this year. Although she has a much better sense of style (as witnessed above) she always insists that I help.
  Note my stocking hung with care behind me.

 Whenever I give Chrissy the request to pose sexy - this is the look I get.
For Christmas Eve I joined the Okinczyc family at her Baba and Gido's for the 'meatless feast' and the opening of presents. The food was awesome with a traditional wheat dish and cabbage soup for starters. This was followed up by about 6 different types of pyrogys (including blueberry and prune), savory cabbage rolls and fresh pickerel.
With lots of little kids now in her family there was a ton of presents under the tree and lot of action.
For Christmas morning I joined Christina at her parents place for a giant breakfast and more gifts. I like how the tree in the window contrasts to the tree inside on this picture.
The Roughriders jersey was a gift from Christina last year so I thought it was ok to wear in enemy territory.
Due to the great hospitality it was a great Christmas - Awesome company, Fantastic food, and a pretty good haul of gifts including this new Elvis singing ornament from Chrissy.
Next stop - Boxing day in Saskatoon.
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