Monday, September 05, 2011

Puss N Bats Slo-Pitch at Telus Field

The slo-pitch season this year for the Puss N Bats was one of bitter disappointment; but it did include a singular bright shining moment.

The disappointment comes from the loss in league semi-finals and our cancellation of the annual tournament in Mundare due to weather. The bright moment came when our team hammered the villainous 'Scallywags' in the awesome confines of Telus Field.

General Manager/Coach/ Pitcher/Cleanup Hitter, Sam is a big name in the lobbed ball society of Edmonton and with some finagling got us into play at the old ballpark. Well done!

Telus Field is the current home to the pennant winning Edmonton Capitals of the NABL and has served as the home field to past Edmonton AAA & AA baseball teams. In short, it's a for real baseball stadium.

Being that we are no where near being considered athletes we shortened up the base paths and started on Defence.

We had a lot of players for this game so for the first few innings I volunteered to be the umpire and take pictures with Christina. I'm rocking my #85 jersey in honour of Peter Klima.
Bald Jay up to bat.

All world Sam up to bat rocking our retro look.

My own batting has been streaky all year. This is my first at bat with the bases juiced.
I ended up with a stand up triple. This was my only real contribution at the plate that night though. My next two at bats were fielders choice and ground outs to the short stop.  I finally got a really good pop on the ball  in the 8th inning but the fielders were playing mysteriously deep. The LF made a nice overhead catch while tracking it down.
For reference, this is how much space I had to cover on a couple of innings in RF.
I switched off between RF, 3rd base and SS through the game. 
The infield at Telus Field is actually turf and remarkably fast.  Playing the bounce was difficult but a lot of fun.
Thanks goes out to Christina for taking pictures and being my number 1 fan.
She had quite a time picking out just what seat she wanted.
By the end of the night she was just so excited by it all she had to come out on the field and join us.

The whole experience was fantastic and I can't say enough about how great the Telus/Capitals staff was. We even had our own announcer during the game!

If you are interested in booking out the field for your own ball team or event contact the Capitals here today.  
I highly recommend it!

Also - Good Luck to the Edmonton Capitals in the playoff finals this week. I'll have another blog up soon of pics of the big team in the park from this year. Methany for MVP!

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