Monday, February 14, 2011

Winter in Edmonton

It's been a typical atypical winter in Edmonton. We have had large swings of weather of ~30 degrees in 24 hours, tons of snow, early melting and then more snow.

Below are some of my favorite fun in the snow shots from Edmonton.

Earlier in Edmonton we had a huge snow dump. Christina's entire cul-de-sac was totally snowed in. I came by to help her shovel her driveway.

Christina is a pretty good little shoveler and apparently also an artist as she built herself a throne to survey her work.

I got a little frosted over during the shoveling.

Christina bought a pair of snow shoes last year and likes to trudge around in the park near her place. When it's a little cold out the smokestacks way in the distance really add to the nuclear wasteland aesthetics. Its like the Road Warrior set in the arctic instead of Australia (sorry for low-res picture, taken from my BB).

Eventually Christina got tuckered out and ended up laying down in the snow. I took the liberty of sprucing up her outline to make her a true snow bunny.

It's hard to see here but when I took a break my legs were so hot that I was steaming.

I mentioned above that we have had some crazy weather swings. Christina believes in always being prepared and has a couple of boot options. 

Her Ukrainian heritage really shines through when she wears her stylish rubber boots.
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