Thursday, February 17, 2011

Kevin and Mindy

A little while back Kevin and Melinda rolled through Edmonton for some R&R at the big mall.  I got the chance to meet up with them for Supper.

I have been lucky enough to have many role models in my life and outside of my direct family Kevin and Melinda are one of the best 'couples' role models you could have. They have been married now for 10 years and have had quite a ride together going from the cool kids of the Christian set to living in Africa to Las Vegas Elvis re-nuptials to Grande Prairie living.

I can be a bit of a downer sometimes and somehow they always seem so "up". So, whenever I get the chance for a visit I really enjoy myself.

Some pics.
 Check out those pipes!
 A couple of good looking ladies.
Thanks for the visit Kevin and Melinda. I got to get up to Grande Prairie.
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