Monday, August 16, 2010

Goodreads Profile

I've been a horrible son lately. I pleaded for my dear old Mom to write her memoirs/biography for posterity. It took awhile in writing and production but it arrived in the mail a little over a month ago.
I have yet to read it.

Terrible aren't I. It's just that at work all I seemingly ever do is read serious stuff. When I get home at night I just read crap internet sites or way out there comicbooks and magazines.

I swear I'm going to read Mom's biography by the end of the month.
In fact I'm going to apply myself and really expand the breadth of my reading.

To make sure I honor this intention I signed up at and will update and post reviews of books read from this point on. It's a pretty cool free site. Why don't you sign up and send me some recomendations.

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