Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Edmonton Heritage Festival

Yesterday I attended the Edmonton Heritage Festival; this three-day showcase of Canada’s vibrant multicultural heritage featured 63 pavilions representing over eighty-five cultures from all over the world.

It's a huge family event and for you Saskatoonians out there it's just like FolkFest except it's all in one location and it's not licensed (boo!). There are tons of great displays, cultural dancing, silly hats and food. This is the third year I have attended in a row and it seems to keep getting bigger every year.

The park is cut off from vehicle traffic so I parked at the zoo and crossed the footbridge. From there you get a great view of Daryl Katz house. The press here likes to make Bruce Wayne comparisons which I think are stupid. Dear journalists, Bruce Wayne is awesome and saves his city through philanthrophy and beating up white martians while being a "hairy chested love-god" - Katz not so much.
The first thing I did was head to the Hungarian pavilion to get me some eats. The elephant ear style pastry is a favorite and the goulash is always great.
Another delicacy I spotted but chickened out on was some bright orange creation. Anybody have any ideas what this is?
Although I possess no talent in music or dance that doesn't mean I don't have an appreciation for it.
The Dutch kids were pretty cute with their spins.
The Polish dancers looked good in their costumes. The men look pretty slick when not wearing their customary rubber boots (I kid as I have some Polish in me).
The Native American dancers are always colorful.

Another highlight for me are the outfits for sale and display. I can't resist the trying on of silly hats.

And hairpieces.
Taking the cues from the kids and their cosplay some old folks went full on with their outfits this year.
One guess who this lad is representing.
This dude was just straight up freaky in his outfit. I kept thinking he was gonna get a norse funeral.
Finally, no trip to heritage days is complete without a picture of ladies doing suggestive motions with chocolate dipped banana's from the Peru pavilion.

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