Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Farmers Markets

Most Saturday mornings I head a couple of blocks North to my local farmers market for fresh produce.  One of my little pleasures is watching the rotation of shops and produce through the year. In June there are lots of planters and flowers. July sees more produce including the fresh peas. Once August comes the produce sections are massive and I can finally find kohlrabi.

Even though I have a local market I'm always game for checking out the many other markets in the City and area. For the first time ever this year I decided to check out the St. Albert market and was pleasantly surprised by the large selection and the outdoor atmosphere.

Here are my top 3 markets in order.

#1 - Old Strathcona - My favorite as it's the only place I can find white turn-ups
 #2 - Saint Albert (awesome pictures taken by Christina)
 Kohlrabi deal going down

#3 - City Centre - Good for trendy people watching and the conveniance

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