Thursday, April 14, 2016

37th Birthday and Easter Weekend

This year my birthday happened to occur on the same weekend as Easter, which is pretty sweet. Extra long gluttonous weekend!

I think Chrissy sensed that I was having issues living with a set schedule (needed for Sophia) so for my birthday she chose to wake up early (on little sleep) and take me out to the Farmers Market for the first time with Sophia. We arrived early before it got too nuts, or at least not too crazy unless you wanted to buy tulips.

It was a small venture out and greatly appreciated as the rest of the weekend was spent mostly hanging with Sophia around the house or consuming copious amounts of food and drink.

In the absence or any of my nuclear family being in Edmonton over the weekend Chrissy's parents helped me celebrate  by baking an angel food cake and picking up a bucket of Chicken (my sole request).

Overall a pretty great birthday and weekend.

Bonus: Chrissy's gift to me was tickets to Return To Grace the following week - basically an Elvis tribute show. The perfect "first" date for us in months.

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