Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Welcoming The Troops Home

Christina's workplace takes part in the Yellow Ribbon campaign of welcoming soldiers home from Afghanistan. As a general world-view I don't agree with the military as a foreign engagement force and the expenditures that follow from that. However, if we are committed to peacekeeping internationally Afghanistan is as good of a place as any. The Taliban are about the biggest villains I can think of.

This past weekend saw the return of a large group of soldiers from Kandahar. They arrived in Edmonton around mid-day after a long flight from Cyprus via Scotland. I accompanied Christina and some of her colleagues in welcoming the troops home at the airport with a smile, handshake and some Tim Hortons. It is kind of ridiculous really; welcome back from the desert where you are putting your life on the line for mostly ungrateful folk - have a donut. That being said, I hear the soldiers do appreciate the welcome.

I tried to take a couple quick shots without being disrespectful to the soldiers who had returned - so low res camera phone picks below.

Watching the troops line up and go through the paperwork was definitely interesting yet anticlimactic. After getting through all of their paperwork they milled around for awhile and then were loaded onto various transports to the bases in Wainwright, Trenton, or home.

And for the record, many of them chose to pass on the donuts as they were maintaining their own strict diet. If the opportunity arises for you to ever attend an event like this I recommend doing so,
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