Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sophia's First Christmas

Everything was new to Chrissy and I this Holiday season. Everything that we usually do like gift shopping, wrapping presents, Christmas cooking or heading to a family members home needed to be planned to a nap time and took double the usual time.

And as the keeper of a newborn we were popular! That's new - People actually wanted to visit us :) Us, being Sophia, but Chrissy and I will take it.

Highlights of the Holiday season included birthday parties, many meals with family, getting spoiled by multiple Grandparents, and friends coming by to visit:

Christina, her Gido (Grandpa) on his 92nd birthday and Sophia:

Christmas was in Edmonton this year and we were treated to multiple massive meals at Chrissy's parents, grandparents and aunts houses. With all of those meals came family all to eager to give Chrissy and myself a break by holding Sophia.

Cross-eyed to read the writing on her jumper :)

Shortly after Christmas my Mom accompanied my sister Monica's family back from Saskatoon to meet Sophia for the 1st time. Sophia, although gassy, was pretty well behaved for Grandma.

Mom of course is a pro with a baby. I am guessing her calm that comes from experience was picked up by Sophia. We haven't gotten her to burp so well or sleep so well in this position since Mom showed it to Claire and Ren.

Mom and her baby's baby

We haven't been the most mobile, so we have felt fortunate to get sp many visitors. I never even thought to grab pictures from the first few visitors (Monica, Mark, Alex, Markiana, Chris and Tara Foster) but did smarten up to get some from the later visits.

Below is a picture of Rob and Carryn's daughter Justine holding Sophia. It was a bit surreal to see as I still remember the day that Justine was born. We collectively celebrated quite late into the night and my Sociology 101 test the next morning was a bit of an adventure. Justine was a natural with Sophia.

Shortly after Ukranian Christmas we were visited by Andrea, Ryan and Tekyla (9 months).

Teklya was very interested in "the baby", I am thinking that over the years they will find some trouble together, not unlike their mothers.

With all the food eaten, visitors gone and tree put away for the year we look forward to more firsts and more memories.

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