Sunday, November 22, 2015

Devonian Botanic Garden - Rooted

Arriving back from vacation we took the opportunity of being close to the airport to visit the Devonian Botanic Garden to see Chrissy's friend Oksanas' exhibit at the "Rooted" art-show.
In Oksana Atwood’s interactive installation passersby will be given a crafted mushroom and invited to place it touching other matching mushrooms in the Garden, and will collaborate in the creation of an organic ever-changing sculpture, much like in the world of mycology.
Oksana greeted us as we entered the space her installation was occupying and offered us a mushroom to plant as part of the exhibition.

We really liked Oksana's idea to have visitors to the park be contributors to the installation. Perhaps we were a little overzealous though as we chose to expand her installation outside of the exhibit area.
See if you can spot the little red mushroom.

Today, a little red mushroom lives in our ficus flower pot at home. It's probably the best piece of original art we own ;)

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