Thursday, September 17, 2015

Liam and the Summer of Soccer

My nephew Liam is pretty wicked little soccer player. As he lives a province away I don't get to see him as much as I would like but everytime I do we kick a ball around. It used to be that I could dominate him one-on-one in the backyard but those days are now gone. The kid has got skills...thankfully(?) I still have an enormous weight advantage to 'lean in' on him and keep the games relatively even.

Earlier in the summer Chrissy and I took in ones of his games during the Saskatoon World Cup. Liam is #11.

His team didn't do so well but this fan of his didn't seem to mind.

Later in the Summer Liam and Stephanie came to Edmonton to watch the bronze medal game of the FIFA Womens World Cup.

Chrissy and I joined them to watch the highly competitive game which England won 1-0 over Germany in overtime.

We headed back to our house after the game and of course continued with soccer. However, this time I showed off my prowess beating Liam in FIFA 2015 on the Xbox. This could be my last bastion in maintaining dominance in soccer over the kid :)
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