Thursday, February 19, 2015

Christmas 2014

After being away on our honeymoon for Christmas last year we were looking forward to being able to celebrate the season here in Edmonton with Chrissy's family and in Saskatoon with mine.

Chrissy loves having a Christmas tree up and if I would let her she would keep it up for 11 months straight only taking it down so she could re-decorate it

All through our year long honeymoon adventures Chrissy and I sought out Christmas ornaments to decorate our tree with (note - the bows in the picture above were pew decorations at our church ceremony). When we laid out our decorations it truly dawned on us that we had a good year of travel.

Chrissy was tasked with stringing the ornaments while I made sure the hockey game in the background got watched.

All through December, Chrissy and I tried to get out and about to see the many displays set up through the city.

Probably the most impressive display was this crazy home in the Northeast of Edmonton. My camera couldn't get the full display in one shot so I stitched a few pics together.

Christmas Eve for us was celebrated with Chrissy's family at her Auntie Joyce's house in Saint Albert and like any Ukrainian event the perogies were out in full affect.

After way too much food and too many presents we settled in to get up early for Christmas morning breakfast at Chrissy's parents place. After stuffing our faces we headed out directly to Saskatoon and arrived at my brother Lawrences place just in time for supper. It was us at our most gluttonous.

Saskatoon was remarkably cold and dry so to get our exercise, and celebrate my brother Randy's birthday, we headed out bowling with the family.

My niece Amelia destroyed us all. Our only solace was found in enjoying copious amounts of mom's cooking in the good company of my family. I know...pretty rough life.

Our visit with mom got extended as she accompanied us back to Edmonton to see Monica's new house and to hang with the grandkids. It was great having her in town as it seemed to really extend the Christmas season.

Overall it was a pretty great first Christmas at home as husband and wife.

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