Monday, January 19, 2015

Holiday Touring the Dubrovnik Area

Combined with our fantastic time within the walls of Old Dubrovnik, Chrissy and I spent a lot of time exploring the full city and even taking a one day cruise of the Elaphite Islands. Below are some quick photographic highlights of our wanderings.

Beautiful Foliage, Fruit and Flowers

Still hanging pomegranates consumed by birds and insects

Franjo Tudman Bridge from Copacabana Beach

Gruz Harbor

Elaphite Island Tour

Lopud - A beautiful cove that is straddled on one side by a modern hotel and the other by a church sitting along the sea shore rocks. Sunj Beach on the far side of the cove is excellent and accessible by walking or hitching a ride on a golf cart.

Kolocep : A small (less than 1 square mile) car free island with nice walking paths and a calm natural bay.  

Sipan: The largest of the Elaphite Islands where lush orchids of olives, figs  grapes, almonds, oranges and other citrus fruits are harvested.

Absolutely gorgeous! We loved spending time in the area, Go travel the South Dalmation coast!

Next stop --- Split

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