Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Holiday in Yellowknife NWT - Yellowknife Bay Floating Bed and Breakfast

Usually on vacation I have no desire to spend any time in my hotel. I love to wander around / get lost in the destination rather than sit idle surrounded by 4 walls. For me my accommodations are solely for sleep and an expense that I usually begrudge. Chrissy on the other hand really likes different hotels and the experience that each brings. As I was booking this trip I had Chrissy's interests in mind...happy wife = happy life.

While searching for a place to stay in Yellowknife I chanced on amazingly cool looking place, but  I thought surely they would be booked up. Well, thanks to a horrible amount of forest fires in the area and poor air quality tourists weren't really clamoring to visit over the weekend. A couple of promptly responded to emails and it was set. Chrissy and I would be staying in a Bed and Breakfast located in a house boat in Yellowknife. 

We arrived from the airport to the waterside and were picked up by our host (Daniel) in a motorboat to ferry us to our destination. For the first two nights we stayed in the private Studio Room before moving into the main house for our final night in the Northern Room.

Studio on the left and the main house on the right            photo:

Studio Room

The Studio Room suited us perfectly with a full kitchen and a lovely deck to take in the sunset and watch the floatplanes take off.

Northern Room / Main House

For our last night we were a little sad to be leaving our own cabin but were also excited to be moving into the main house and all the new wonders it would offer.

The main house is pretty amazing. I could tell you all about the engineering marvel that it is; operating off of the grid and pinioned into place, but really those things seem secondary to just how cool it looks inside. Our room was decorated in the true northern sense of its nomenclature with mounted rugs of an artic wolf and the thick pelt of a muskox. 

The main living room and kitchen area had tons of funky design elements with my favorite being the horse sculpture 'mounted' above the dining area into the kitchen.

Of course the views remained outstanding.

Travel To Shore

From the onset I loved the privacy and general solitude of the location. The novelty of the location was definitely not lost upon us and we fully embraced the uniqueness of the opportunities it offered including the special commute to the main land by canoe.

Thankfully we had calm weather with the exception of one night which turned our usual 5 minute commute into a 20 minute commute against choppy water. 

We Will Be Back

Everything about the Bed and Breakfast we loved. The hosts were great! The Breakfast was great! The beds and rooms were comfortable! The location was truly outstanding! If/When we return again to Yellowknife we will definitely be staying with our hosts again.

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