Sunday, September 07, 2014

Visiting Canmore

Earlier this summer Christina and I took a couple of trips to Canmore. We never intended to make two trips but opportunity and a celebration led us there.

In mid winter I was searching for a cheap vacation trip and on the Groupon Vacation site I found a fantastic deal for off-season in the Rockies. I swooped it up and come late May we found ourselves at the Windtower Lodge and Suites.

The hotel location wasn't what I would call central but in Canmore it doesn't really matter too much. We actually really liked the location as the walking path to downtown was along the scenic Policeman's Creek Boardwalk  exiting at the 'Big Head'.

After exploring the downtown for some time we took a short drive for a hike along a dried up gravel creek bed - Grotto Canyon Hike. It's an easy hike with very little grade but I wouldn't recommend it for the very young or aged. The uneven rocks will just eat up ankles. 

Our second trip to Canmore was specifically for a wedding of an old colleague and mutual friend of Christina and myself.  This time we ended up staying at the charming Georgetown Inn. This Tudor style hotel hosting the wedding supper was an apt choice as the bride to be is English born and still converses with an accent.  

Chrissy and I woke up early on Saturday for a picturesque walk and big breakfast then got all gussied up for the wedding ceremony on a hill overlooking town. 

The weather was almost as beautiful as my date.

I really enjoy outdoor weddings. Something about it seems more informal and much more congenial. 

Love the car battery power source

After a long night of celebrating and talking Redwings hockey (much to Chrissy's dismay) we woke up a little late to do any ambitious hikes. So instead we went back to one of our favorite spots; Lake Minnewanka for a shoreline walk.

Thanks Karen and Zac for allowing us to be a part of your big day. We wish you many happy and healthy years together.

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